You can register your kids for SWAC Sports in four easy steps…


  1. Create your user account
  2. Add your kids to your account
  3. For each child, select the sports they wish to participate in.
  4. Pay online using a secure credit card transaction.


Please note that the entire SWAC registration site is a secured site.  All information sent between your computer and the SWAC server is encrypted using 128 bit encryption.



Creating your account


At the Registration logon page, click the ‘Create an Account’ link at the bottom left of the page.


You will be presented with an account information screen


Note that all fields are required for registration.


Enter your Email address at the top of the page.  Confirm your email address.  After your account has been created your email address will be used as your account ID.


Enter and confirm your password.  Your password must be at least 6 characters long.  You will need your password to re-enter the site.


Complete the remaining fields on the form and click ‘Create Account’.  After your account is created, click ‘Go to My Account page’.




Your account page is the central part of the SWAC Registration system.  From this page you can update your account information, view your shopping cart, view the registrations you have submitted for the current registration period and add/remove athletes (your kids).




Adding your kids to your account


From your account page, click the ‘Add new athlete’ link at the bottom of the page.  The following page will appear.



Fill in your child’s information.  Please note that all of the information is required.


It is important that your childs birthdate is entered correctly as his/her birthdate is used when selecting the correct levels for the sports/activities they want to participate in.  Your child gender is used in the same way.


When you are ready, click the ‘Add new athlete button’.  You will be returned to your account page.  The new athlete should now be listed.


Note that you can register any number of children.



Select the sports for each child


On your account page, next to each of the registered athletes, there is a link called ‘Select Sports’.  You click this link to select the sports for each of the children you have registered.  Your will be taken to the ‘Select Sports’ page (shown below).



The page will show all available sports for your childs age/gender.  If you want to register for one of the sports, click the ‘Add to Cart’ button to the far right of the table.  The sport will be placed in your shopping cart.


At this point you will be returned to your account page where you can add more athletes, select more sports, etc.


To view the items in your shopping cart, select the ‘View Shopping Cart’ link at the top of your account page.  The cart will list the sports you have selected.



If you wish to delete one or more items from your cart, check the delete box to the left of the sport and click the ‘Delete selected items from cart’ button.


If you are ready to pay for the registered sport(s), click the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button.



Paying online using a secure credit card transaction



The checkout page shows you the contents of your cart, and allows you to enter your credit card information.  Please note that the SWAC registration site is a secure site and all information sent between your computer and the SWAC web server is encrypted.  Your browser will display a lock symbol at the bottom of the window to show that the site is secure.




When you are ready, press the ‘Submit For Payment’ button.  Your credit card will be billed for the amount shown in the Total Cost field shown at the top of the page.  When the transaction is complete, you will be presented with a receipt showing the credit card transaction information.  Please print the page out for your records.





Your SWAC Account is permanent and can be re-used each SWAC Season.